MTK Resinous Flooring is a leader in the planning, preparation, and installation of industrial and commercial resinous flooring, coatings and polymer wall systems. Our company is commited to keeping our personnel and equipment on the cutting edge of seamless flooring technology. Safety, technical, and product training are always instilled. Rely on us to offer competitive turnkey solutions for the most challenging projects.


MTK approaches each project as a personal challenge, our goal is to provide our customers with a succesful long term solution to any new or existing flooring project.


We sweat the small stuff, all the little details. Our belief is that the right way is the only one way to do things. In conjunction with our manufacturing partners we will install the best, proven, products, custom tailored to your projects needs. Let our experience and expertise go to work for you on your seemless flooring project. We can write specifications, design, plan, and coordinate your next project.

MTK Resinous flooring is commited to installations done the right way, on time and within budget. Our seamless products reduce cleaning labor in comparison with other flooring products. we have the longest warranty on the market.

We will be happy to provide references from our satisfied customers.