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Food & Beverage Facilities Flooring Needs

Flooring for Food Manufacturing Facilities often require specified properties to meet the unique demands of Food and Beverage Manufacturing, as well as regulations imposed by the FDA. Cleanliness, resilience to extreme heat, and a non-porous floor surface are all vitally important components of a Flooring System for the Food Manufacturing and Restaurant Industries. 

Resinous Flooring for Food & Beverage Facility

Best Flooring for Food & Beverage Manufacturing 

While many commercial properties are well suited with a durable and attractive Resinous Flooring System, Food & Beverage Manufacturing facilities require specialized flooring designed to address the unique conditions of a facility that is regulated by the FDA.

Extreme temperatures, excess moisture, bacteria, and general contaminants are all factors to consider when choosing the best Flooring System for Food & Beverage Manufacturing Facilities.

Urethane Concrete Flooring for Food & Beverage Facilities

Urethane Concrete Flooring Systems are specially formulated to meet the unique demands of Food Production Plants. Their Anti-Microbial and slip-resistant surface make Urethane Concrete Flooring a great choice. An additional Sealer Coating in the form of an aliphatic polyurethane resin reinforces this flooring system by sealing gaps and cracks, creating a seamless smooth surface resistant to bacteria, mold, and other contaminates. 

Cheminert Flooring Systems

This product offers incredible protection from harsh chemicals. With several colors and finishes to choose from, Cheminert Flooring is an attractive flooring option for the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry. 

Meet FDA & USDA Guidelines

The FDA and USDA both place high priority on the condition of the floors in Food Production Facilities. Cracked or uneven flooring not only looks bad, it also has the ability to harbor harmful bacteria, mold, and other contaminants. 

The FDA and USDA Recommend the following.

  • Durability and Resistance to moisture and Bacteria. 
  • Must be well maintained and kept clean at all times
  • Must have a solid, seamless finish