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Flooring Systems for Hotels & Resorts

The Hospitality Industry is focused on delivering a memorable experience for their guests. A big component of the guest experience is the ambiance and attractiveness of the building, and the right flooring system plays a critical role in that experience. 

When guests visit a nice hotel or resort, they expect to feel pampered, comfortable and safe. With so many different functional areas, a strategically planned flooring system for each space is critical to meeting those expectations.

Ideal Flooring for Hotels & Resorts

We offer several different Seamless Flooring Options to meet the vast demands of the Hospitality Industry’s Flooring needs. For Hotel Lobby Flooring, we offer a Decorative Epoxy Resin Flooring System with quarts crystals which presents a very attractive finish that durable and easy to maintain. 

For outdoor areas, especially around pool and recreational areas, we offer a waterproof flooring product designed to reduce the exposure of moisture and water damage to nearby surfaces.

For heavy traffic areas or areas where hotel and resort staff require a heavy duty surface for day to day maintenance, we offer an extremely durable seamless flooring system resistant to extreme conditions and harsh chemicals. 

Resinous Flooring for Hotels & Resorts

With comfort and safety being among the top priorities for the Hospitality Industry, Seamless Resinous Flooring Systems are the perfect fit for the wide variety of requirements for Hotel and Resort Flooring. 

MTK Resinous Flooring has specialized in the planning and application of Seamless Flooring Systems for over 20 Years. As a leading provider of Resinous Flooring Services in Dallas, TX and the Greater North Texas Area, we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Contact our expert team today to discuss your next flooring project!

  • Wide variety of attractive colors and designs.
  • Extremely durable and easy to maintain.
  • Slip resistant and waterproof.